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EcoSmart™ powered roller is a new brand developed by Microroller Manufacturing to bring to market a superior motorized roller. Microroller Manufacturing is a venture initiated with the sole purpose to bring power roller innovations to the conveyor industry. Based on a partnership between two companies (Mol Belting Systems and RFS Holdings) both of which deal with various aspects of the material handling and conveyor component industries.

Mol Belting Systems is a manufacturer and fabricator of lightweight conveyor belting, motorized pulleys, and conveyor accessories. RFS Holding’s has been designing material handling solutions and is involved in numerous material handling ventures globally with representation throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and India.

Together the partners represent over 80 years of industry experience and are members of MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association), MHI (Material Handling Industry), NIBA (National Industrial Belting Association – Belting Association) and support additional local business and civic organizations.


Developing a New Solution


The founders of Microroller Manufacturing came together to solve a problem, which resulted in the development of the EcoSmart™ powered roller. Understanding the performance and limitations of current technology available in the industry, our team has created what we believe will become the benchmark in powered rollers.

Our customers product portfolio – focused around creativity, responsiveness and robust solutions – is what EcoSmart™ powered roller brand is designed around. Our customers will benefit from our efficient manufacturing operations, strong technical support and engineering expertise. In addition, our sales and customer service staff are dedicated to assist you in taking a lead within the industry.

In order to support those global customer demand, the EcoSmart™ powered roller will be manufactured in our own factories in multiple locations around the world starting in Asia and North America.  Additional manufacturing capacity is planned to follow in Europe as the European and AMEA market grows. 


Microroller Manufacturing adheres to high quality standards to ensure that our products will meet the most stringent performance and safety requirements. Our EcoSmart™ powered rollers, Gear Motor, C100B/EB Driver Cards are CE certified to comply with EU manufacturing requirements.


Unique considerations "above and beyond" our products:

The EcoSmart™ powered roller offering in the market brings a host of other benefits to out customers.

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Industry Leading Customer Service

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Strong Corporate Ethics and Values

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