Driver Card - C100Z

C100Z Driver Card

The C100Z driver card is specialized for Zero-Pressure-Accumulation while using EcoSmart™ powered rollers. It incorporates many of the same functions as the C100B driver card with additional features.

  • 22 Watt motor driver card – C100Z-22

  • 35 Watt motor driver card – C100Z-35

  • 6 PNP auxiliary I/O points to provide enhanced diagnostic and control functions

  • Plug-in cage clamp terminals for easy connection of power and auxiliary I/Os

  • ZPA logic is pre-programmed on-board. The controller can also be operated in Slave, Manual or Train modes

  • RJ-11 sensor input

  • Autosensing NPN/PNP

  • Input functions to handle workstation, RTS (ready to send), and CTS (clear to send)

  • Output functions to handle RTS, CTS, sensor state and critical faults

  • RJ-45 zone-to-zone connection

  • Dynamic braking, electronic braking, mechanical braking and free roll available

  • Snap-in mounting plate for easy installation available

  • Internal thermistors – to monitor operating heat and provide additional safety



Part numbers

C100Z-22 | C100Z-35

22W EcoSmart™ powered roller 35W EcoSmart™ powered roller

Electrical Power

Termination Voltage Range Current Consumption

Plug-In Cage Clamp Terminal 24VDC (+/-10%) 100 mA plus motorized roller, sensor and AUX I/O

Motor Connection

Type Number Termination Voltage Range Max Average Current

EcoSmart™ powered roller 1 JST XHP-10 Pin connecter 24VDC 2.5/3.2 Amps (22W/35W)

Sensor Input

Type Number Termination Voltage Range Maximum Current

Current Sinking Inputs/Outputs 1 Plug-In cage clamp terminal 24VDC 2.5/3.0 Amps (22W/35W)

Speed Control

Type Number Termination Sensor Power Voltage Voltage Range Max Power Current Sourcing Sensor Current Sinking Sensor Current

Autosensing NPN or PNP 1 RJ-11 24VDC 0 to 30VDC 50 mA 11 mA Max (Input pulled to 24V) 4.3 mA Max (Input pulled to 0V)

ZPA Ports

Type Number Termination Voltage Range Maximum Current

Current Sinking Inputs/Outputs 2 | RJ-45 | 24VDC | 20 mA

Auxiliary I/O

See Wiring Section

6 PNP configured as 3 IN and 3 OUT


Storage Temp. Operating Temp. Humidity Vibration Shock

-30° to 70° C (-22° to 158° F) 0° to 60° C (32° to 140° F) 5-95% RH, non-condensing 2G at 10 to 500 Hz 10G

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 08-45-20 Driver Card - C100B_C100EB EcoSmart™ Powered Rollers.png


Dimensions in mm


Mounting Dimensions: 4.5mm max holes at 40mm x 120mm pattern

Speed Settings


Note: Speed calculation in FPM is: Roller Diameter in Inches x .2618 x RPM / Gearbox Ratio
Speed calculation for m/s: Roller Diameter in mm x RPM / (Gearbox Ratio x 19098)