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Engineered Solutions

EcoSmart™ Powered Roller

The development of the EcoSmart™ powered roller was initiated with careful examination of our own Microroller product line as well as listening to our customer’s needs for emerging technologies. The roller was designed to optimize performance

and was proven through in-depth testing of the components, sub-systems and completed units to provide the best cost of ownership in the market. Testing helped

identify the best of lubricants, motor system, gearing and optimal electronic control devices necessary to deliver the highest performance in the marketplace.


Why EcoSmart™ powered roller


Because it is more than just a product. EcoSmart™ powered roller is a designed solution.

EcoSmart is a brand recognized for superior customer responsiveness, customization options and product flexibility. Our customers benefit from our efficient and local manufacturing operations, technical support, and engineering expertise. 

Benefits of EcoSmart™
Powered Roller

  • Offers the latest in motorized roller design

  • Exceptional performance and reliability

  • Designed to meet or exceed performance and quality of current art available in the industry with focus on cost efficiency

  • Customizable options for every user 

Standard Features

  • 24V DC brushless motor
    (thermally protected)

  • CE Certified

  • Steel planetary gearbox

  • ABEC precision bearings

  • Zinc plated steel tube

  • 7/16" hex shaft

  • 300mm cable length

  • JST XHP-10 pin Connector

  • Maintenance-free

  • Operating Environment Temperature Range of 32°F to 104°F

Additional Options

  • Multiple shaft configurations

  • Multiple groove options

  • Aluminum Poly-Ribbed Drive

  • Lagging

  • Mechanical brake

  • Sprockets

  • 1.2M or 2M cable length extensions

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